I am a keen amateur photographer born in London, whose passion for photography started in earnest in 1969 when my fiancee Angela, now my wife, bought me a Russian Zorki4 film camera for my 21st birthday. I well remember poring over the instruction book for many weeks wondering if I would ever fully understand what it was all about.

My early years were spent developing an interest in monochrome portrait work and subsequently shooting street candids around London. This led me on to develop my own films and to do my own black and white printing. In the decades that followed I became more attached to street style photography, as this portfolio will bear out. However, my seeing eye has always been attracted to many other photographic areas of interest along the way.

My devotion to 35mm film ended in 2010 when I turned to digital photography. For the images that I wanted to include on this website I had to decide when to begin date wise so I chose 2010 because this was the year that I started to put my work into photobooks.

I prefer to see this collection of images as my photographic album. I have always believed in the concept of capturing what pleases my eye and not necessarily what would be considered as fine art or the like.

I do hope that you enjoy looking through the Portfolios...


For those who may be interested:-

(with effect from November 2017)

Camera   Fuji X-Pro 2 

Lenses    Fuji X-series 23mm f2 WR  (35mm equivalent)

              Fuji X-series 50mm f2 WR  (75mm equivalent)